12 Cute Small Neck Tattoo Ideas for Women (2022)


In this article we share our ideas for trendy and cute small neck tattoos! The neck is one of the most visible places to get a tattoo. They are becoming more and more popular. Because of the small area, small and cute designs are well suited. Often the first question people ask with neck tattoos, is do they hurt? Most people actually can tolerate them quite well and once done, they’re definitely worth it! The only other thing to keep in mind is that a neck tattoo is more exposed to the sun, and the ink can sometimes cause sensitivity with UV ray exposure.

Now that we’ve convinced you, let’s get into some of our top picks!

1. Butterflies

This small cute tattoo idea is perfect for this location. You can have one or a few butterflies. In Japan, the butterfly is a mark of family and womanhood. It represents freedom, calmness, and a high-spirited personality.


2. Floral

There is so much freedom of choice with this one! A very popular choice and they look great on the neck. You could go with a rose and thorn, dandelions, sunflowers or twigs.


3. Script

The sky is the limit here. You can have the names of loved ones, or a quote that is meaningful to you.


4. Birds

This cute and small tattoo is a great choice if you want something aesthetic and symbolic.


5. Crescent moon

In general, crescent moon tattoos tend to be smaller and hold less detail, so they usually look best on the inner wrists, fingers or the neck. The crescent moon symbolizes progress, and the star depicts knowledge and light. This is one of our favourite small and cute neck tattoo ideas!

Crescent moon

6. Mandala

A mandala neck tattoo is not for those who want to blend into the crowd and should only be inked by those who don’t mind the attention! While typically larger size, these tattoo can be small and cute if designed correctly.


7. Ying-yang The Chinese philosophy of Yin-Yang speaks of peacefulness and harmony. The Yin-Yang represents balance in life, and when it is out of balance, it is said that evil triumphs over good. Yin-Yang is a small and cute idea that comes in uncountable cool designs, and you can ink it on the side and back part of your neck.


8. Feathers Feather tattoos of different birds hold a rich symbolic meaning expressing artistic qualities wrapped with sheer elegance. It symbolizes freedom, enlightenment, happiness, and love. It is perfect if it is inked in black and it suits all skin tones. The best place to sport the tattoo is behind the ears.


9. Dolphins

Dolphin tattoos are not only cute and small, but this tattoo primarily symbolizes duality, the dolphin being a creature of water which also breathes air. The back of the neck is the right place. Also, two dolphins forming a heart is an adorable and pretty sight, especially when their outlines are etched.


10. Hearts

Heart tattoos are on the rise. A heart combined with Infinity can symbolize that the heart or ‘love is eternal.’ It can also be interpreted in other ways depending on the particular design. Currently, on the rise, just black ink would be enough to sketch this design in a small size.


11. Stars

Stars look so cute and unique when so many are put together to form a shape, like a heart or letter. It can be coloured, in few or even as a single black star.


12. Chokers

Although not as small as others, this design is great for those who love wearing chokers. These elegant designs are loved by many.


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