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Undeniably, floral tattoos have stood the test of time. Right from ancient cultures to today’s generation Z, floral tattoos have captivated almost everyone, regardless of age, taste, or preference. At ink zú, we’re a connoisseur of flower tattoos, having done so many!Our artists are skilled floral tattoo artists, arguable one of the best in Sydney and we’ve honed our craft to make a multitude of spectacular flower tattoo designs for hundreds of clients.

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Floral Tattoos in Sydney

Our Skilled Artists...

We work with you to first understand your needs, know what type of floral tattoo designs you love, and then deliver a design and hopefully tattoo art that will remain with you for a lifetime.

Get in touch with our Floral Tattoo Artists at our Sydney store and share with us your flower tattoo design ideas!

Floral Tattoos in Sydney

Just The Way You Wanted It

Your approval is important to us! We want your flower tattoos to come out the way you’ve envisioned or even better. Our Sydney tattoo artists have experience working with diverse clients, delivering classic floral tattoo masterpieces.

Whether you want a small flower tattoo or a large floral design, or you want a flower tattoo in a traditional style or a non-conventional design, we will listen to your needs and come up with a desired outcome.

Beyond this, we will also discuss your colour preferences and determine whether full-colour, partial-colour, or a black and grey design would yield the most aesthetic result.

Overall, we will work closely with you to settle on every aspect of your tattoo including the design, colour, lines, placement, texture, symmetry, and more.

Why choose us for Floral Tattoos in Sydney?

A few good reasons…

Because we have the experience spanning over several years.


Because we’ve got the best tattoo studio that combines cleanliness and comfort, encompassing all the other amenities in the heart of Inner West Sydney.


Because our floral tattoos are loved by everyone.


Because we’re never short of ideas. We have a huge amount of creativity under one roof, and endless ideas to help you design your piece. This is what has fuelled us and made us so popular!

Our amazing clients...
Gift your loved ones with creativity.

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Flower Tattoos Designs Sydney

Your Flower Tattoo FAQS

We gathered the answers to some popular fine line tattoo questions below.
If you can’t find your question below feel free to contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.

Yes, flower tattoos can provide great coverage to your older tattoo. You can share a picture of your old tattoo and we will suggest a flower tattoo design that can be used to cover it.

You should follow after-care instructions properly to allow your tattoo to heal beautifully. Please see our website inkzu.com.au/aftercare for detailed instructions.

Floral tattoo are no more painful than most other tattoos. Pain levels depend upon the pain tolerance levels of the person, and the placement of the tattoo. Tattoos in the head and neck, ribs and over bony or sensitive areas can be more painful.