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Let us show you why we are one of the hottest new tattoo studios in Sydney! Welcome to our modern studio in the heart of Inner West Sydney. Where your tattoo inspiration meets our creativity.

272 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204

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Looking for the best tattoo places in Sydney? Introducing ink zú, your ultimate destination for exceptional tattoo artistry in Sydney, Australia. We pride ourselves on our diverse array of tattoo styles, where each tattoo experience is crafted with utmost care and dedication.

We pride ourselves here at ink zú, with the best tattoo artists in Sydney, we bring your vision to life, no matter the inspiration. Embrace the art of self-expression with Inkzu, and together, let’s transform your body into a canvas of extraordinary beauty. Give a call to our Sydney tattoo shop to discuss your ideas!

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At ink zú, our skilled and talented tattoo artists in Sydney are masters in a wide range of tattoo styles, including traditional Japanese style tattooing, black and grey realism tattoos, portrait tattoos, dot work and geometric tattoos. 

Working with you, to bring your tattoo dreams into reality, check out our social media for inspiration and our amazing artists work.

If you have a specific tattoo artist from our team you would like to collaborate with for your next tattoo, contact us today, and we’ll put you in touch!


Best Tattoos Sydney

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No matter your style preference, our Sydney tattoo studio has a team of skilled tattoo artists ready to bring your dream to life. From elegant fine line designs to full arm and leg masterpieces, we can create the perfect tattoo that reflects your individuality.

Our focus on creativity and professionalism ensures that your tattooing experience is not only exceptional but also safe and comfortable.

Step into our tattoo studio in Sydney, and watch as we turn your imagination into a finely crafted, everlasting work of art—a tattoo that will hold a special place in your heart for a lifetime. Embrace the journey of self-expression with us!


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Give your new tattoo some TLC. Ensure you follow our after care instructions so your tattoo heals beautifully. We are one of the best tattoo parlours in Sydney that offer free touch ups within 3 months in most cases.

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FAQs On Our Tattoos in Sydney

When looking for good tattoo places in Sydney, Ink zúemerges as the Number 1 option!Here we have gathered the answers to some popular tattoo questions below.

If you can’t find your question below feel free to contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.

Contact us through any of our social media platforms – online Booking Form or Instagram. Be sure to include a good amount of details including:

1. Preferred tattoo artists (if any)
2. Tattoo details (size measurements in cm, specific location on the body, and an adequate description of its appearance).
3. Attach reference photos!
4. Preferred booking time and date.

Upon, receipt of your request, a member of our team will contact you to discuss your design. Here we will ask you for further information if required.

Once the artists provides you with a quote or an estimated length of time the tattoo will take, a booking will be made depending on availability. A deposit payment will be required to secure your booking ($100 for small tattoos, $200 for larger tattoos), which comes off the total cost of your tattoo if you attend your appointment. At least 48 hours notice if required if you wish to reschedule to ensure your deposit is not forfeited.

On the day, you will get to see your design and have an opportunity to make some minor changes.
It’s as simple as that! We look forward to seeing you!

While we would love your company, we prefer that all your tattoo enquiries be sent in writing to us. This is so we have your descriptions, inspirations and references in writing, which makes it easy for us to recall your design at a later stage when your appointment date arrives.

We understand however, that in-person discussions can often be very helpful with complex designs and we would be more than happy to organise a face-to-face consultation for you if required.

Our team of tattoo artists specialises in fine line work, boasting extensive experience in this intricate style. If you have any uncertainties or inquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to address all your questions and concerns, ensuring you have a positive and comfortable tattoo experience.

For most pieces of art we charge by piece. Quotes are generated by us in consultation with our artists and we may choose to give a fixed quote for the tattoo (for most tattoos) or charge an hourly/daily fee (for larger pieces). We will provide you with a quote once you have reached out to us with your enquiry.

Yes! Full day bookings are useful particularly for very large pieces of work where quoting by piece can be inaccurate and misrepresentative of the actual time it may take. Contact us for our full day booking rates as they vary depending on the artist. Generally tattoo pricing in Sydney at our parlour start from $1500 per day.