When You Can Swim After Getting a Tattoo


When You Can Swim After Getting a Tattoo

So, you’ve got a new tattoo, and the thought of jumping into the water is exciting. But before you dive in, it’s important to know when it’s safe to swim with your fresh tattoo. Going into the water too soon can hurt your healing process and how your tattoo ends up looking.

In this guide, we’ll talk about how long you should wait before swimming after getting a tattoo. We’ll give you expert advice to make sure your tattoo stays bright and infection-free.

Why Swimming Right After a Tattoo Is a Bad Idea

Taking a swim right after getting a tattoo is not advisable, and there’s a clear reason behind it. When you get a tattoo, those small needles create numerous tiny openings in your skin to insert the ink. This essentially creates an open wound that requires time to properly heal. Immersing your fresh tattoo in pools, oceans, or any water source can potentially expose it to harmful bacteria, increasing the risk of infection and hindering the healing process.

When Can You Swim Safely with Your New Tattoo?

The time it takes for your tattoo to heal can be different depending on things like the location of the tattoo, how big it is, and if you follow the aftercare instructions from your tattoo artist. Most tattoos need about two to six weeks to heal, but some might take longer.

Waiting until your tattoo is no longer red, itchy, scabby, or flaking is necessary before you take a swim. Imagine your new tattoo as a healing cut that should avoid getting wet for a while. Patience is key to ensuring your tattoo remains in great shape and retains its quality for years to come!

Keeping Your Tattoo Safe While Swimming

It’s best to wait until your tattoo is fully healed before swimming. But if you have to swim before that, you need to take some steps to prevent your tattoo from getting infected.

1. Use A Waterproof Bandage:

If you find yourself needing to swim before your tattoo has fully healed, consider using a specialised waterproof bandage. This protective layer creates a barrier between your tattoo and the water. Keep your time in the water brief and aim to keep the bandage on as much as possible.

2. Prioritise Keeping Your Tattoo Dry:

Once you’re finished swimming, it’s crucial to promptly dry your tattoo, re-apply sunscreen if you’re outside. Remove the waterproof bandage and gently cleanse the area with soap and water. Afterward, pat it dry. Continue caring for your tattoo as advised by your artist, using lotion or ointment. Preventing excessive moisture is important, as it can hinder the healing process.

3.Maintain Your Aftercare Routine:

Even post-swim, stick to the aftercare instructions provided by your tattoo artist. When showering, ensure your tattoo dries before applying any products. Avoid prolonged exposure to water. While your tattoo is in the process of healing, protect it from the sun by covering it with clothing or a bandage and make sure to always apply sunscreen. Once it’s fully healed, make using sunscreen a daily habit to preserve the vibrancy of its colours.

Balancing Being Patient and Having Fun

The optimal approach is to wait approximately three months before swimming with a new tattoo. This extended period allows your tattoo ample time to heal, significantly reducing the likelihood of complications. However, there might be situations where waiting that long isn’t possible.

If you find yourself needing to swim before your tattoo is fully healed, exercise caution. Employ waterproof bandages, limit your time in the water, and ensure your tattoo dries thoroughly after swimming. Moreover, avoid exposing your healing tattoo to pool chemicals or saltwater, as they can impede healing and negatively affect its appearance.

Always remember, your tattoo is a form of art on your skin, necessitating diligent care. By adhering to these recommendations and honouring the healing process outlined by your tattoo artist, your tattoo will maintain its brilliance. Should you require guidance or assistance, don’t hesitate to consult your tattoo artist. They’ll provide tailored advice for your specific tattoo and its healing journey.

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